Learn how to balance your blood sugars & feel confident in your body without dieting or confusion...

w/ Bailee Hart, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Nutrition Coach





Are you tired of spending hours on google only to feel more confused than ever?


Did your Doctor just offer you Metformin and send you on your way with a handout?


Or maybe you were just told to “lose weight & cut carbs”?


And the free facebook support groups leave you feeling scared to even look at bread?


Most of all, you want to be able to enjoy food without feeling guilty that you're sabotaging your health!





I know you’re tired of wasting time and energy and still feeling stuck! You just want to learn how to eat health, prevent diabetes & reach a healthy weight without needing medications or restrictive diets. 


You’ve tried it all! 


You’re probably wondering if you should go plant-based, do keto, workout more, stop eating fruit, weigh daily or weekly, check your blood sugars, get a new Doctor right?!

Imagine if you didn’t have to feel confused ALL THE TIME?!

How amazing would that feel?!




Unfortunately, just “eat less & move more” does NOT work with metabolic & hormone issues like blood sugar imbalance or insulin resistance. 


If you're doing it right, you shouldn’t be hungry or suffer from cravings constantly!


Plus, if we're being honest, medications like Metformin are not treating the real underlying issues, so they're more like band-aides!

To help you understand & implement the fundamental principles to lower a1c, insulin or weight loss resistance without keto or counting every calorie you inhale!

Inside this program, I walk you through my proven balanced blood sugar protocol that has helped hundreds of ladies prevent diabetes and feel confident in their body.


a proven step-by-step framework

to a lower A1c, healthy body & optimized metabolism without overwhelm


    Learn how to build blood sugar friendly balanced meals (that include carbs!) and what foods you should be ADDING to your plate so you can thrive!

  • STEP 2: SWAP

    Learn what impactful carb & ingredient swaps you can make to your current eating pattern for bigger, noticable results with your blood sugar control & metabolism! 


    Discover which sneaky ingredients to keep an eye out for on nutrition labels that will keep you craving processed foods, promote inflammation & drive hormonal imbalance. 

  • STEP 4: HEAL

    go beyond nutrition and dive deep into hormone healing habits that can help balance blood sugars & help you lose weight & keep it off long-term.


    learn how to make your body a glucose (blood sugar) burning machine with strategic movement and meal timing. 

  • and beyond...

    go beyond the protocol with bonus and advanced trainings such as mindset, targeted supplementation, gut health, and more!


I crafted this unique protocol while losing 30 lbs myself after struggling with insulin resistance, even as a Dietitian.


Now you can learn it, too! AND get guidance and support from me with small group coaching and an exclusive coaching community.

This program will work for you if you have prediabetes, diabetes, PCOS, insulin resistance AND...

》 You want to know HOW to lower your blood sugar without swearing off carbs or continuing to feel confused.


》 You want to know HOW to reach your healthy weight like your provider recommended, but are tired of failing when you try.


》 You want to manage your symptoms of insulin resistance like stubborn fat, brain fog, low energy, mood swings & sugar cravings.


You desire to learn how to build meals that keep your sugar balanced, but don't require hours in the kitchen.

You dream of overcoming sugar and carb cravings that leave you feeling guilty!


You want to stop being afraid of carbs! You want to know how many carbs you are supposed to be eating and still hit your goals.

You want to discover a way of eating that fits your lifestyle, no matter what your schedule looks like!​


You'd love a Registered Dietitian at your fingertips, rooting for you & ​ensuring your success.


Most of all feel, you want to feel confident in a healthy body while eating without confusion or guilt.


Blood Sugar Reset Program Access 

Including hours of video modules, tip sheets, guides & action items walking you through a proven eating & lifestyle pattern


* plus new content added monthly

Private Coaching Community Membership Access

on facebook for weekly check-ins ,ongoing support & live q&a's!

Live Small Group Coaching

Connect face-to-face with Bailee & other ladies working on similar goals to get support, guidance & encouragement weekly via zoom in a small group setting. 


*available with group-coaching option

50 plus page Workbook

walking you through the proven 5-step balanced blood sugar protocol

10+ weeks of Curated Meal Plans

for plenty of ideas for following my balanced blood sugar flexible meal formula

So what street cred do I have?




Because I know what I'm doing, and have credentials to back it up!💃🏻


No really, I do! I help you target the root cause of your high blood sugars, hormone imbalance & stubborn weight, not just put a band-aide or quick fix on it!


I help you implement lifestyle strategies & get consistent so you can FINALLY see results!


.... and I have a proven track record to show for it. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️




Get the support, guidance and accountability you need so you can stop spinning your wheels & get an A+ lab report at your next Dr’s appointment!

2 ways to join

space is limited for enrollment each month. Grab a spot before the waitlist opens!

BSR Small Group Coaching 

results-driven w/ tailored support

  • Set-up for success private-onboarding call w/ Bailee to help you get clear on exactly what you need to focus on to drive results


  • Weekly live small group coaching office hours via zoom for personalized and tailored recommendations & guidance


  • 90-day online self-guided program materials described above to supplement your coaching experience


  • Private Facebook coaching community membership access to keep things exciting and FUN + in-between session support!


  • Monthly Private Email Check-Ins 

BSR Self-Starter

just the program goods!

  • instant access to 90-day self-guided online program materials as described above


  • private Facebook coaching community membership for live q&a's, weekly accountability check-ins, + ongoing encouragement & inspiration to drive lifestyle change


  • Monthly Group Zoom Mastermind Call (included with BSR BEYOND membership access which is FREE for first 90 days)


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